System to Transport Wastes and Products with Power of Electric Motor. Conveyor is to transport materials and wastes on belts. The conveyor belt is made of textile, rubber, plastics, leather and metal, and the belt has the shape of a continuous loop to transfer objects. The belt is moved by the drive roller mounted on the bottom of the conveyor or at one end of the conveyor. The conveyor is moved at a defined speed by connecting a reducer to the motor.

The types of conveyors include chain conveyors, sliding belt conveyors and roller belt conveyors, and custom designs are available.

Conveyors are used for various applications such as the logistics facility in warehouses, and process facilities such as MSW, MRF and MBT.


  1. High compatibility due to modular design
  2. Solidity from laser cutting construction
  3. Safety cover
  4. High performance SEW motor mounted
  5. Quality belt resistant to oil and grease
  6. Scraper mounted
  7. Fast belt moving speed up to 6m/s
  8. Various Width up to 3,000mm