Rotary Trommel Screen

Rotary Trommel Screen Introduction

Trommel screen, or rotary screen, is a kind of mechanical screening machine which is widely used in the rubbish separation plant. It controls the material separation by the particle size, and the separation precision is high. The cylinder of the trommel screen is generally divided into several sections, depending on the specific situation. The mesh holes are arranged from small to large, and the mesh hole diameter on each section is the same.

Trommel screen is mainly composed of motor, reducer, roller device, frame, sealing cover, inlet, outlet.

Trommel Screen Applications

Guoxin trommel screen is mainly used for broken bag + sorting, sorting out organic matter (under the screen: food leftovers and soil residue, etc.), and non-organic matter (above the screen: plastic, rubber, glass, jar, wood, etc.)

How Does Rotary Trommel Screen Works

The barrel, inclinedly installed on the frame, is connected with the motor through a coupling and rotates around its axis.

When the materials are fed into the tilted and rotating barrel, they turn and roll on the screen. Then the qualified materials (undersize product) are discharged through the outlet at the bottom of the rear end of the barrel, while unqualified materials (oversize product) are discharged through the discharging port at the end of the barrel.

The materials stuck in the sieve mesh can be ejected due to their turning and rolling to prevent the sieve mesh from being blocked.

Feeding and Discharging Size

The trommel drum can generally screen materials with a particle size of 50-150 mm. The maximum undersize product is less than 100 mm, and the finest can be less than 3 mm.

Capacity of the Trommel Screen

The capacity of the trommel screen is closely related to the screen size. If you choose a 2 mm sieve, the output is 12-35 m³/h (19.2-56 t/h); its output can reach 175 m³/h (280 t/h) with a larger sieve (30 mm), which can meet the requirements of large-scale waste sorting line.

Features of Trommel Screen

  1. Mesh is not easy to block, automatic cleaning brush on the top of trommel screen to avoid the blockage.
  2. Smooth operation, low noise.
  3. High screening efficiency, Large screening capacity.
  4. Simple structure, easy maintenance.
  5. Sieve drum can be closed, easy to close the dust collection.
  6. Convenient maintenance, the upper hood is removable.